• Erfgoedinzicht

Erfgoedinzicht is a network and database in which museums and archives from East and West Flanders register their collections in a uniform manner and make them accessible online via The Heritage Centre registers its photos and objects in Erfgoedinzicht.

  • Catalogus Gentse Wetenschappelijke Bibliotheken (Catalogue Ghent Scientific Libraries)

The Heritage House opens up its library via the online catalogue of CaGeWeb, an association of 22 Ghent scientific libraries that are supported by the university library of the Ghent University.

  • ODIS

ODIS is a relational database for the historical study of intermediary structures in Flanders in the 19th and 20th centuries. The database contains information on organisations and associated individuals & families, archives & publications, as well as events. The Heritage House registers its archive funds in ODIS.

Archiefbank Vlaanderen (Archive Bank Flanders)

Archiefbank Vlaanderen is an online register of private archives of  associations, families and individuals. It is a kind of ‘yellow pages’ for the detection of private archives in Flanders, including the Heritage House l Sisters of Charity JM.

Supporting points

  • Centrum voor Religieuze Kunst en Cultuur (Centre for Religious Art and Culture)

CRKC is the centre of expertise for religious heritage in Flanders and Brussels and was committed since its foundation in 1997 to the conservation, management, and enhancement of religious heritage.

  • Documentatie- en Onderzoekscentrum voor Religie, Cultuur en Samenleving (Documentation and Research Centre for Religion, Culture, and Society)

KADOC is an inter-faculty study centre of the Catholic University of Leuven dedicated to the preservation, opening up, and scientific research of religious heritage, with special attention for the interaction between religion, culture, and society.

FARO. Vlaams Steunpunt voor Cultureel Erfgoed (Flemish Support for Cultural heritage)

FARO is the supporting point for museums, archives and heritage organisations in Flanders and Brussels. FARO offers advice, organises trainings, and defends the interests of the cultural heritage field with the Flemish government. FARO also facilitates the heritage map and the heritage app.

  • Vlaamse Vereniging voor Bibliotheek, Archief & Documentatie (Flemish Society for Libraries, Archives, and Documentation)

VVBAD is the professional association in Flanders of librarians, archivists, and those looking after documents. This association and its members promote dialogue and cooperation in the field and are committed to sharing knowledge and expertise.

Research networks


RELINS, the European Forum for the History of Religious Institutes in the 19th and 20th centuries, promotes historical research on male and female religious in Europe and facilitates contact between the researchers concerned and historians.

  • H-WRBI. History of Women Religious of Britain and Ireland

H-WRBI encourages and facilitates historical research on religious women in England and Ireland. The network organizes an annual conference.

  • Conference on the History of Women Religious

CHWR is an international network of historians, archivists, and sisters who study the history of women religious.

Originating from the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary


In 2003 – exactly 200 years after their foundation – the Sisters of Charity JM transferred all their institutions and activities in Flanders to TABOR, a professional lay network of 60 social non profit organizations that continue today the social commitment of the sisters in the field of education, health care, and welfare sector.

Similar organisations

  • Cultural Heritage Annunciates Heverlee asbl

The asbl Cultural Heritage Annunciates Heverlee brings the rich history and heritage collection of the sisters annunciates of Heverlee back to life and developed a vibrant heritage functioning in recent years.