Visit the convent of Terhagen (Ghent)

In 2010, the convent complex of Terhagen in the Ghent Molenaarsstraat was recognized by the Flemish authorities as a protected monument.

This recognition reflects the importance of Terhagen as the motherhouse of one of the largest religious Congregations in the country and is a well-preserved example of a late 19th century convent compound with a unique neo-Gothic chapel. The complex houses also the former home of Peter Joseph Triest, the founder of the Sisters as well as of the Brothers of Charity.

Visit the convent site of Terhagen

You can also visit the convent site of Terhagen.  Make an appointment for a free tour (max. 15 persons) via or tel. 09 235 82 32.

This tour introduces you to:

The convent of Terhagen whose history goes back to the arrival of a group of Cistercian Nuns from Flemish Zeeland in the 16th century;

§  Cloister of the convent;

§  neo-Gothic convent chapel;

§  former home of Peter Joseph Triest;

§  The Triest room with a responsible reconstruction of his early 19th century bedroom and a small exhibition of personal and religious objects belonging to Triest;

§  A glimpse behind the scene of our Heritage House.

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